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Greetings from a Host Family

Dear New Friend,

Glad to meet you! My name is Fang Qin, from Hangzhou. I work as an accountant in our family business and my husband works in production. We have a son Dylan, Chinese name Guan Fangrui, he is in kindergarten. He is an active, naughty, kind boy who is curious about everything and full of energy. Even though he is only 5 I still ask his opinions sometimes. He is also a sensitive boy who will cry while watching movies. Occasionally, he will jump upside down and makes me go crazy. But I still love him very much. Once I fell down on stairs, he tried to pull me stand but couldn’t, so he had to hold me and comforted me until I can stand up by myself. I think he would like you, a sister from another country and tell him all the interesting stories.

My husband Guan Yiheng, is not very talkative and likes playing games, listening to audio fictions. He goes to archery shooting regularly. Basically he is just like a teenager, you will find his humorous side when you get familiar with him. He speaks no English, so I assume both of you would very good at sign language at the end of this program. Additionally, he cooks well, but I had not got lot of chances to eat his dishes due to his growing laziness.

As for me, I am a lively and active person who likes trying new things. I also like singing, watching movie, hand craft, sports and story telling for my son. I hope you will have similar interests that we could have lot to talk about. We live in Hangzhou. In China, there is a old saying to describe Hangzhou as a city of Heaven. There are also some famous Chinese myths that happened here. For leisure, we have lots of historical area and unique restaurants, I hope you will like our food.

We live in a very convenient community, surrounded by all kinds of facilities. It is our first time as a aupair host family, we hope you can be tolerant to the culture difference. We will do our best to make you comfortable, you don’t have to be afraid of coming from so far away, we will be your new family in China and help with everything.

Can’t wait to hear from you, hope we can be best friends.

Fang Qin

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