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Cultural Experiences: Ancient Costumes!

At LoPair au pairs have the opportunity to experience a variety of culture events. One of the most popular is trying ancient Chinese costumes.

Hanfu are the traditional styles of clothing worn by the Han Chinese. There are several representative styles of hanfu, such as the ruqun (an upper-body garment with a long outer skirt), the aoqun (an upper-body garment with a long underskirt), the beizi and the shenyi, and the shanku (an upper-body garment with ku trousers).

Traditionally, hanfu consists of a paofu robe, or a ru jacket worn as the upper garment with a qun skirt commonly worn as the lower garment. In addition to clothing, hanfu also includes several forms of accessories, such as headwear, footwear, belts, jewellery, yupei and handheld fans. Nowadays, the hanfu is gaining recognition as the traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group, and has experienced a growing fashion revival among young Han Chinese people in China and in the overseas Chinese diaspora.

Clothing is an important part of any culture and China, with it's rich and varied history, continues to inspire whole swathes of people with the many styles of clothing and fabric. We hope you will join us in celebrating Chinese clothing by taking part in this fun activity while you are in China!

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