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Experience China as an Au Pair

Experience China

as an Au Pair

Lopair Au Pair China

Program Overview

The term “Au Pair” comes from the French "on a par" or "equal to", indicating that the relationship is one of equals. As an Au Pair in China, you will be able to experience China to the fullest by living with a Chinese Host Family (or a foreign family that lives in China). An Au Pair will provide educational assistance such as language tutoring, childcare, and carry out some light household duties. During this experience, Au Pairs will also have the chance to explore the unique aspects of Chinese culture by attending Mandarin classes, culture courses, Au Pair Club activities, and much more.

Learn. Care. Explore.

Founded in 2011,LoPair is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and intercultural learning using various programs to connect, benefit, and empower people.

300+ Authentic Reviews



Between 18 to 30 years old

Proficient in spoken English


ln good health

Love Kids
Cutural Exchange

A real passion for working with children

Open-minded towards different cultures

Good communication skills

no criminal record

No criminal record

About the Program:


and Costs

All flights paid for by LoPair at the start of the program

3 days of paid leave every 3 months

2,000 RMB minimum pocket money a month 

Travel insurance and visa assistance provided

Visa renewal fees covered by LoPair

Extension bonuses after 6 and 9 months




*Program fees vary by countries/areas of departure:England, Ireland, Oceania $300;Europe, South Africa $500;North America $800. For other countries please contact a LoPair representative.

$300+ fee* once placement secured

You Pay

You Receive

Length of program

Duty hours per week

3 - 12 months

Up to 30 hours per week

Locations of host families

Mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou

Free time

At least 1.5 days off per week

18 - 30


Education certificate


English level

Highschool graduates or above

200 hours of childcare experience suggested

Speak fluent English, C1 or C2 suggested


Help and Socialising

Weekly Mandarin classes during the school semester

Visa assistance, cultural activities, au-pair meetups & more




Register on Lopair system - Submit application - Pre-Screening



Host family interview — Confirm offer — Sign matching documents

Matching Process


Register for Mandarin School - School provides visa documents - Apply for visa - Book flight tickets -
Pre-departure orientation

Visa Application and Pre-Departure

apply now

Apply Now!

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F A Q:

01.Will Lopair cover my plane tickets?

Yes! We are one of the few organizations that not only offer round trip plane tickets, but we pay from them upfront instead of refunding you the cost at the end of the program. You don’t need to book your own plane ticket to China.

04.Will anyone pick me up from the airport when I arrive in China?

Yes! The host family will pick you up from the airport but, if they are not available, we will send Lopair staff to pick you up and welcome you!

07.Where will I take my Mandarin lessons?

We have contracts with a professional Mandarin school in every city. After you come to China, you will go to a local Mandarin school to take lessons every week during the school semester.

10.Does LoPair continue to offer support after the program ends?

Yes! We have a number of programs, support networks, and even paid jobs available for au pairs once they’ve completed their contract. We would be happy to have you join us! For example: au pair program ambassador; alumni network; virtual intern; or online tutor.

02.Why does Lopair charge a program fee?

LoPair charges a fee that depends on where you are from and we use this to guarantee your place in the program and your Mandarin classes. At LoPair, we try to keep upfront costs as low as possible to make the program accessible for everyone and we believe charging a small program fee, instead of asking participants to pay for their flights, is the best way to do this.

05.Does LoPair offer any bonuses?


Yes! We offer an extension bonus to au pairs who want to extend their program after the end of the 6-month program. You will get a $100 bonus for every month you extend.

08.Is the pocket money a certain amount, or can it be discussed?

The minimum pocket money is 1500 yuan a month. Since the living expenses in China are higher in big cities, some host families are willing to provide more pocket money, so it can be discussed.

11.Will I have the opportunity to travel in China after the program ends?

Yes, au pairs get 3 extra off days (paid!) for every 3-month program, as well as 1.5 off days per week. You can use your off days to arrange a vacation and often the host family will want to show you their favorite places.

03.At what point do I need to pay the program fee?

You pay the program fee only after you are matched with a host family. Before that, you don’t need to pay anything.

06.Do I have to stay with the same host family if I decide to extend my stay?

Not if you don’t want to: you can change your host family or even change the city for your extension.

09. What benefits are there during the program?

There are many benefits during the program, these include, but are not limited to:

  • pocket money

  • transportation reimbursement (depending on the host family)

  • extension bonus for 6+ months

  • cultural events

  • au pair meetups

  • 24/7 support from LoPair

Our Support in Au Pair China

Au Pair China Program Coordinator-Iris

Au Pair China Team

Iris Guo

Program Coordinator

Iris is an English major who joined Lopair in 2018 and is particularly skilled at building interpersonal relationships. She has worked with au pairs from over 20 countries over the years and she helps in application prescreening, placement, and working with field staff on in-country support.

Talk to her:

Au Pair China Program Coordinator-Iris
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