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Piad Marketing Experience

Paid Marketing Experience !

Virtual Marketer

Looking for remote marketing job?

Virtual Marketer Inc. has been providing flexible and strategic digital marketing solutions to small and medium sized enterprises from China since 2020. You may be a great fit and able to offer a solid contribution to our remote talent team.


If you have experience in:

- Website maintenance and social media marketing
- Content strategy, writing, and editing
- Lead generation incl. email marketing, telemarketing etc.
- Market analysis and business development

Why collaborate with us?

  • Like-minded and passionate team
  • Training and mentorship alongside project
  • Flexible work hours and payment options
  • Promotion opportunities

Client Sample

Wuman Textile Project
Wuman Textile


Textile Project

Social Media management and email marketing

Our Virtual Marketer-Maja

I'm proud to be a part of the team (even remotely) and I enjoyed the way the project is managed. It is a pleasure working with all of you!

Our Virtual Marketer 丨 Maja

Interested? Join Us Now!

Virtual Marketer Program Coordinator-Michael

Virtual Marketer Team

Michael Xie

Program Coordinator

Michael founded Lopair in 2011 after working in business associations domestically and abroad. He enjoys his work in helping participants of programs such as the au pair scheme to build a career after completing the cultural exchange program. Thus in 2021, the program Virtual Marketer was founded. Not only does he introduce participants to potential employers but he also provides hands-on learning in marketing, remote working and constant feedback during the project.

Talk to him:

Virtual Marketer Program Coordinator-Michael
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