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Packing to be an au pair in China

Updated: 4 days ago

I know that I for one panicked about what to pack for my trip to be an au pair in China, knowing that I would have only 25 kilos to pack up my wardrobe and all my essentials. Here are some tips from what I've learned on what you'll need to bring to be an au pair in China.

Packing to be an au pair in China
Packing to be an au pair in China

The long flight on my way to be an au pair in China

I would definitely recommend taking some movies to watch on your laptop, a good book to read or some magazines. English or foreign books are hard to find here and when you do find them they are often very expensive. As an au pair in China there may be some books you’ll miss, so be sure to bring them with you.

Clothes for an au pair in China

There is no specific uniform you need to wear as an au pair in China. There are just two rules: skirts and shorts can be as short as you want (some shorts are smaller than average size underpants) and the second rule cleavage is not done here. But do remember that clothes here are very cheap and you can buy almost anything from any brand. Though if your clothing size is unusually large it won't be as easy. As an au pair in China you will be moving around a lot as you look after the host kids, so don’t forget to bring some comfortable clothes!

Packing to be an au pair in China
Packing to be an au pair in China

Accessories for an au pair in China

Tissues are a must here because many public toilets do not have toilet paper. Although it is sold here, you will need some for your journey over so don't forget to stick some in your hand luggage. A good phrase book will also serve you well and they are hard to buy here so you'll be better off taking one with you. Of course, as an au pair in China you will have Mandarin classes, but a phrase book will still be useful. You can also buy adaptor plugs here and they don't cost that much.

Medication for an au pair in China

Make sure that you have got enough of your prescription meds to get you through your stay. It may also be wise to bring some painkillers and any other over the counter medication that you take when you have a cold or flu. Medication here can be hard to get and won't be the same brand. You’re unlikely to need too much medication as an au pair in China, but don’t forget the essentials!

Gifts for family when you’re going to be an au pair in China

As an au pair in China, it is customary to have a small gift, so you could bring a little present for each member of your Host Family.

Therefore there is not so much to pack after all as most things can be bought in China. As an au pair in China you’ll have enough pocket money to buy what you need. Some websites urge you to bring your own shampoo and toiletries, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. My tip would be to buy some travel size bottles of the necessities and buy the rest once you arrive at your destination. We would be more than happy to show you where you can get what you need.

You’ll have a great time as an au pair in China! We have plenty of other advice for new au pairs in China - please check out our other blogs!

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