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Amazing Trip to Fujian, China

For the Spring Festival my host family invited me to a place called Xiamen and Fuzhou in the Fujian province. I had so much fun, every day was filled with excitement!

During my first month in China I watched a clip of a Chinese animated film called TAHAI  "Big Fish and Begonia" I really recommend it.  The movie took inspiration from the Fujian Tulous to create the scenery. So one morning we took a taxi and after 3 hours going up the mountains all covered with exuberant bamboo we arrived there. I couldn't believe my eyes, from the middle of the valley that ancient, rural and magical village emerged with the same circular construction as in the film. At first I thought it was just a museum, but when I entered I discovered that people are still living there!

We also visited Gulangyu island. You can only reach it by ferry and no cars are allowed there. The beaches are wonderful. I really enjoyed walking in the small streets and discovering the colonial exquisite villas of all architectural styles from around the world. The consulates of half the earth were located in this island during the 19th and 20th centuries. I felts as if I was transported to the world of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Inside a beautiful garden located on a cliff we found China's only piano museum. Oh, and we went to Sea World where we watched the spectacle of seals performing some fun tricks.

Another highlight of the visit was the city of Fuzhou where we saw graceful pandas at the nature reserve near west lake.

I'm very grateful to my host family for making this trip an unforgettable one.

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