Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


Here at LoPair we charge Au Pairs a program fee 

depending on the departure continent as listed below. 

Our International Partners may,

 however, add a small extra application fee. 

All Au pairs must apply through one of our 

International Partners or an Overseas Representative.

Your Host Family in China will cover most of your expenses during your stay in China. In addition to food, accommodation and pocket money, they will also take care of your domestic transportation costs, travel insurance, legal fees, education funds etc.      * The program fee is effective in January 2019

★Summer Elite Special: 6-week EduCare in China!

Program Fee
Countries/Areas of Departure USD Eur GBP
Zone1(England,Ireland,Oceania) $400 €355 £309
Zone2(Europe,North America,South Africa ) $500 €445 £387
Zone3(South America),flight compensation $1200 €1067 £930
Notice :Euro and Pound are set for comparison only and will be changing based on the real exchange rate.

                Why program fee                    Lopair Discount Policy


                Unlimited seats of full scholarship available to native English speaking au pairs!     




Other Costs 

You will be responsible for all costs related to providing your application materials. If necessary, you may also be required to make a direct payment to your local Chinese Embassy/Consulate for your application for a Chinese entry-visa. There are no hidden charges and no room and board to pay throughout your stay.

Having difficulties with your program funds?        


Mandarin Class and Culture Class

LoPair works with the leading mandarin schools in China, provide 6 Mandarin classes per week and 1 culture class per Month. You will not only learn about the Chinese language but also the culture and custom.

Pocket Money and Completion Bonus 2019 :

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    You'll receive 1500 RMB monthly pocket money as well as a Completion Bonus available for Au Pairs who successfully complete the 6 month program and extensions.

  • pic-54.png

    Au Pairs who arrive in 2019 and successfully complete the 6 month program will receive a 1000 RMB Completion Bonus (CB), however no Completion Bonus is granted at the end of a 3 month program.

  • pic-55.png            

    For all 3 month extensions starting within 2019, Au Pairs will receive a 1000 RMB Completion Bonus, whereas 6 month extensions are awarded a 2000 RMB Completion Bonus.

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