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Show your love to your host family by WOW DAY!

Dear au pairs,

Here at Lopair we are launching a fun idea called WOW Day! It is designed to give your host family a nice surprise or an element of fun to light up their day. 

As you might expect, hosting an au pair can sometimes be tiring for your host family since they are taking care of your day to day living and making sure you can integrate into their family and life. They worry about you having a nice time. So we hope that every now and then, you will make a little effort to make sure the great chemistry that you have built up with your host family will last and flourish throughout the rest of the program (or even life).

We want you to keep these precious WOW moments in your memory. Here at LoPair, we are thrilled to see these moments so please send some pictures or a video recording(video is preferred).  At the end of each month, we will select our favourite WOW moment and award the winning au pair with a carefully selected gift from LoPair.

Below is an example of a typical WOW day


Made a Halloween Dinner for my host family.


Taught the host kid to make the heart cake and apple pie for the family.


Decorated the house for my host mom's birthday!


Just show your love to your host family by any touching moments!

The winner will get a Power Bank or a special Chinese-style Flash Drive!!!


*Please send your pictures or videos to your local coordinator.

Deadline: 07.01.2018

LoPair Team