Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


A LoPair au pair in China you are always regarded a part of the family and the host will include you in their family activities. As a “family member” you will learn to share responsibilities and contribute to make life in the family easier with less hassle.

Therefore on top of providing care to the host siblings, you are always welcome to provide a helping hand in the times where families need, although generally you are not responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas. But we encourage that you could help your host parents do some cooking or some easy housework.

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Family ID: 141035

Location: Beijing

Children: one boy and one girl

Pets: no

Religious affiliations:grandmother believes in Buddhism

languageuages Spoken: both parents speak Mandarin as native, dad can speak excellent English and basic Portuguese, mom can speak basic English


Prefer from UK, can do cooking, don’t smoke. Be outgoing, enthusiastic, caring and loves children very much.

Dear Au Pair,

Good morning!

I'm now writing this email in a beautiful farm , 10,000 aways from China, where 

Portuguese is the official language. Learning a new language is not easy. The first 

months we really struggled a lot. And now I could speak portugese as well as English 

(the truth is that I'm losing English because of the lack of practice).  So we know 

pretty well in which way we could master a new language: environment and 

practice. That's one of the most important reasons why we would like to apply for 

homestay students.

Ok, let's me first give a brief introduction of my family. My wife and I live in Beijing 

with two lovely sons. Rocky is now 8 years old and Micky is 4 years old. They both 

study in the Aidi international school.

You can say they are already very ‘international’ :The brothers were brought 

up in Suzhou and moved to Beijing after staying several years in Shanghai. 

Rocky is looks like me and likes exploring things by disassembling them for hours. 

Math is his favorite. Liuxiang is his idol and he wishes he could fly one day.

Micky is quite active and like giving speeches. This young gentleman likes dancing 

and would like to show his existence anytime without hesitstion.  

As we didn't want Rocky and Micky to receive the tradtional exam-oriented 

education we decided to move to Beijing. Now they quite like Aidi where the 

education system is more westernized.

Rocky already can speak some English, however, he has not made big progress as 

lack of practice. So we would think having someone speaking English at home would 

be helpful. And my personal experience in Angola just proved it.

Rocky and Micky like making friends. They've asked frequently ever since we 

mentioned to apply for homestay students.  My wife's sister has already worked 

with your company for several months and we've witnessed progress our nieces 

have achieved besides English. 

So we are ready to have a new friend. We are pretty sure whoever joins us would 

have a nice, unforgettable, respected and  fruitable stay in Beijing. 

Waiting for your reply & happy new year!

Rocky, Micky, Emma and Wison