Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      

18/01/29AP blogs

My experience as an aupair = experience for life-time

If you are child-loving, eager to experience a different culture and are interested in learning China, this program is excactely the right one for you. As every other aupair I also had some cultural shocks at the beginning even though I was already aware of cultural differences! However the cultural differences are sometime quite helpful to experience Chinese lifestyle.... From my point of view I can just say that it was a wonderful time and I enjoyed myself a lot. I had a wonderful time with my second host family - they were just the perfect fit! Playing games with children, read books to them and simply teach them English - that’s basically what aupairing in Chinese families is about... Of course you will also experience Chinese lifestyle, food and culture when living together with your family ;). But you should now that being an aupair is a “serious job” and it’s not about partying! If you’re looking for this, then this is the wrong choice to make... But I guess you already know that! Just be open-minded and try to integrate into the Chinese family, then the experience might be the best one of your life!!! Looking back I cannot say I regret my decision to come to Shanghai: It’s a great town for sightseeing, for learning Mandarin at Mandarin House (especially learning this unique language made my aupair in China a fantastic experience) , meeting new friends (Chinese and expats) and meeting a fabulous host family!!! I will definitely miss mine and really hope they will visit me some day in Germany ✈️!!! That’s what your aupair is about: Taking a new family/ home into your heart and building up a lifelong lasting relationship with them❤️.

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